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Recruitment Process

The hiring process is designed to meet the demands of foreign employers. POEA works with licensed agencies in packaging a whole range of employment services from negotiations to actual selection and departure of workers to and from work site.


Accreditation of Foreign Principals / Employers

 The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) requires the accreditation of the job orders to all foreign employers/principals. The employer through its license agency must submit the following documents to POEA:

  1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  2. Recruitment Agreement
  3. Employment Contract
  4. Valid Trade License with English translation
  5. Job Order Request (Letter of Demand)
  6. Permit from the Ministry of Labour to employ foreign workers
  7. Approved Employment Contract with signature of the authorized signatory and stamp or seal of the company

The above documents should be verified and authenticated at the Philippine Embassy in the host country and to be sent to us via Express Courier. Completed documents should be submitted to POEA for proper evaluation. A "Certificate of Accreditation" will be issued to us and we will furnish the employer a copy. To complete the accreditation procedure, it will take about two (2) weeks to accomplish this process.

 If your company has previously been accredited to an agency here in the Philippines and you wish to cancel and transfer to another, we will provide and guide you according to the guidelines from POEA to comply and effect your new accreditation.

 Upon completion of all the above documents for accreditation procedure, the next step is to process documents for deployment of workers:

 The Employment Contracts of the selected and approved workers should be sent to us for authentication in the Philippine Embassy of the host country and with FIT TO WORK medical/physical examination result.


  1. It is important to sign the employment contract by the workers.
  2. The employment contract should be submitted to POEA for processing.
  3. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) - all departing overseas contract workers are required to undergo PDOS undertaken by POEA and accredited centers that implement a standard module developed by POEA. Modules are designed and conducted on a per skill and country basis and includes briefing on terms and conditions of work, culture, norms, and host country laws and regulations, travel tips and others. (One whole day seminar is required). 

    Before attending PDOS, if the visa of the worker is available, passport may be brought to the Embassy of the host country for visa stamping. 

    During POEA processing, communication with the employers are being done for ticket preparation. Employers have to inform us which airline or travel agency to claim the tickets of the workers. 

  4. A computerized Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC) are issued by POEA to all processed contract workers as an exit document. OEC is required by the airline company to claim the plane ticket. This is presented by the workers at the POEA's Labor Assistance Center at the International Airport prior to departure.
  5. Departure Date

Most often the whole process from taking up the medical/physical examination up to the departure date will take about ten (10) working days. The schedule will be met if visas and plane tickets are made available on time.

 Employers should provide the visa and airline ticket for the workers.

 If you need further clarifications, please feel free to contact us.